The 2nd SDE comprised 11 people who presented 9 dreams. Dreams presented seem to be a continuation of the 1st SDE. Similarities included the ubiquitous helicopter that (i) sheds light and (ii) has hostile intent. Wild, crusty, but majestic animals, especially wolves, featured that are feared and admired.

Dreams of joy and admiration were followed by dreams involving invasion and attack by burglars and abandonment of children by careless parents. This dream, with others about government politicians given to the dark arts of spin, were connected through associations to the social dimension of the brain as a recipient of information, a processing mechanism and decision-maker that is located at the top of the organism, like government is located at the ‘top’ of countries. The distance from the ‘top’ to the ‘bottom’ affects being thought about, heard and cared for, failures of which lead to social exclusion and threats to life.

Dreams included images of dying gods, secret police and informers, suggesting ideas about the breakdown of benign authority and its replacement with tyrannical inhuman systems that rely on fear and perversion of language (‘defence’ means ‘attack’ – reference to “1984” and Alice in Wonderland – “It means what I say it means”).

The protest, government and financial systems were viewed as parts of the same social construction that both imposes its will and in which everyone shares in its shaping. The protest, is was felt, has still to answer questions about its role in society and what use it can make of the power it has.

The facilitators for this SDE were Rachel Kelly and Mannie Sher.