The third Social Dreaming Event (SDE) at Tent City University was attended by 7 people who presented 6 dreams. The task of the SDE was stated as: to associate to dreams made available to the Social Dreaming Event in order to make links and find connections between individual thought and social meaning. The social context in which the event took place is a protest against capitalism.

The first selection of dreams were from the previous night. A key theme was fear – the dreamer either being chased or abducted – one dream was of being wrapped up and given away to aliens. But also the idea of fear which then becomes unfounded: expressed by the presence of a lion hiding in the bushes that turned out to be an alsation dog.

The next selection of dreams had the theme of travel, exploration and danger – one was about cycling on a narrowing track which eventually became only as wide as the bicycle wheel, the bicycle eventually turning upside down and the dreamer falling downwards; another dreamer only just escaped an incoming tide. These were then followed by a dream about vista, climbing to the top of a flat-topped mountain, bringing about the possibility of a change of perspective, of wanting an overview.

After a pause, the discussion covered historic (old) dreams and reflections upon why these dreams were still accessible and their relationship to more recent dreams that had been shared. This highlighted the importance and meaning of the process of dreaming and the importance of relationship and human connection.

Coreene Archer and Rachel Kelly facilitated the SDE.