11 people attended this session and presented 5 dreams.

1. Dreams in this session centred on the conflict between the desire for love and respect in the face of the drive for individual expression – searching for community, but also experiencing a sense of isolation, as expressed in a dream about making papier-mâché walls out of shredded paper from offices around the square to line a participant’s tent and wondering whether walls would be able to withstand the damp.

2. There are comments about the growth of ‘bureaucracy’ in Tent City, creating a “disconnect” and a turning inwards. This is reflected in the arrangements of the session too – the Yurt tent has been removed resulting in the SDE being held in a tent that is open on two sides and close to the street. A microphone had to be used which generates comments about not hearing and not being heard. This is also connected to the news about the Wall Street protestors who have been disbanded, the news of which creates a sense of despondency in the SDE at Finsbury Square.

3. Other dreams contain elements of fear and awe; paradox and control – a drug dealer picked up by the police and being chased all over a building through narrow passageways; a bandaged man sitting on a skinny horse who says “I am a poet because I kill.”; being placed in the shell of a car that rolls forward towards a crash and thinking – “enjoy the ride, it’s going to be ok”; a bandaged man on a hospital trolley, with no arms or legs who is stabbed with a long knitting needle and “white stuff” comes out and he sits up and is shining; trolls under a bed that causes a runny nose; in bed with large beetles around one’s feet.

Facilitators of this session were Eliat Aram, Coreene Archer and Rachel Kelly