Today 17 people were present, moving in and out of the space. 7 people stayed throughout. Altogether there were 9 dreams.

The was a struggle in telling the dreams throughout the session because of interruptions of people coming and going, starting side conversations or pressing their own agendas. The helicopter returned and everyone had to shout over the noise. Associations suggested dreamers trying to pursue a dream in this occupation, who keep being interrupted from following them through.

Dreams included elements of open doors, people coming in and out, occupation of the house; keys and key rings; dreaming of lost house keys (which is a permanent fear of someone living on her own), discovering that they are with another colleague and being reunited with her keys.

There is a dream with a three-ways crossroad – a fire way, a flowers way and a rainbow way – choosing is linked to Occupy and trying to change something and that is scary as it requires taking new decisions.

There are dreams of a bandaged, legless and armless man, bread-making and a man named something between Paul and Peter, and gas falling from the skies. These dreams raised associations with faith and religion including a wounded healer, Jesus, manna from Heaven to the Israelites camping in the desert on their journey to the Land of Israel, an alcoholic father (legless), an Emily Dickinson line: “the soul has bandaged moments”, and Buddha – “if you see Buddha in the street kill him“.

The dream with the shell of a car is linked to shells which are thrown into the shore from the sea and are dead as the slugs that lived in them are no longer there.

Burying bottles of vodka was linked to the idea that there is Spirit buried in the ground, and doing something forbidden.

The helicopter gave rise to a discussion about making kites and balloons with the dreams on them, sending them to the air, making connections with the offices around the square who are not engaging with Tent city – association to Mary Poppins and how she released/rescued the bankers. The dreams have a rescue flavour – saviour, bread-making, wounded healers. “We are all wounded healers.”

Tent city is like a village, like a family, but there is also fear that the Occupy will be dismissed as bad joke (like the crummy bread). Further associations are linked to the similarity of flowers and flour – connections to making and fertility; the white stuff from the bandaged man as semen, dreams of being pregnant and giving birth. Linked here to a sexual dream, flower beds, the flower path and flour for bread-making.

Today’s facilitators were Eliat, Juliet, Milena and Olivia.