25 people attended and presented 11 dreams – ‘a flood of dreams’. People continue saying they are not dreaming or not dreaming since they came to Tent City, maybe because being at Tent City is their dream-come-true. But as dreams are presented people begin remembering earlier dreams in their lives, which speak to their current pre-occupations about Tent City.

The session today is concerned with structure – who is funding this? Can we state our names? Why we are here? Can we share dreams in an orderly way? The ‘bureaucracy troll’ from an earlier session is coming to life and making people have runny noses.

There are dreams about water – being in Venice with a boyfriend and meeting his parents in a smart hotel – a glass building; a participant identifies himself as a marine biologist and oceanographer and has ideas about draining the water around Venice to prevent it becoming stagnant and smelly – a reference to Tent City and the struggle to maintain basic hygienic standards. Keeping up with the reading and research is difficult and he gives up and lets others carry on with the ideas. ‘Meeting the parents’ is associated with the call of parents to maintain social values.

There are ‘prophecy dreams’ – presidential elections in Poland; the president and his twin die in a plane crash; Prince Philip having a helicopter accident, dreaming about Tent City before it materialised. ‘Meeting the parents’ is linked to the crashing of ‘fathers’ and figures in authority, fear of dis/approval and hope and the excitement in showing what has been created at Tent City. There is a dream of able to float, trying to teach that to friends, but being disapproved of – perhaps a statement of how people are feeling about their protest.

There are dreams of forests and driving without a licence, crashes, but emerging unhurt – ‘nothing happened’ – expressing a fear that Tent City may not be effective. This is linked to a dream about going to see a friend with a small child and everyone is dressed in black for a funeral. There are associations to having visions and out-of-body experiences – astro-projections, which it is said, children are gifted at. A dream about flying above a train route on the Hammersmith line and a vision of Christ on Waterloo bridge – seeing a circle in the sky, a cross and a crucified man; a man is distressed and looking for a church to pray to the lord and is told ‘you don’t need to run to the church, the lord is in you’. These dreams concern hope and spirituality as a way to mobilise action – a saviour; even talking about love changes things.

Other comments and observations include:

  • In the press, the protesters are referred to as scum.
  • A man with keys chained to his pocket walks past several times – does he have the ‘keys’ to Tent City’s problems?
  • The SDE is referred to as a ‘platform for thinking’
  • ‘We have a toilet’ – toilet dreams and an association to ‘flushing Venice and draining the water to remove the smell?’
  • Out-of-body experiences – looking down on oneself and one’s life is scary

Facilitators: Eliat Aram, Monica Velarde, John Wilkes, Sarah Miller