7 people attend with a further 5 passing by and a number of encounters on the session’s boundaries described below in brackets.  5 dreams are presented.

The session today is not attended by any Tent City ‘residents’ – all are passers-by. The first visitor, on his way to work, stays a short while and tells two dreams.

1.   The first is a recurring dream about sitting to take an exam and not knowing what to do, where to begin the paper. It is either a Maths or Science or Chemistry exam.

2.    The second dream is a ‘last night dream’ about cheating on his wife and waking up sweaty and feeling guilty for it; the dream is so vivid that it takes a moment to realise that it is not real. 

There are associations to other recurring dreams of cheating on partners who leave because of it; and being allocated to an office but not being able to get the PCs to work and feeling useless.

3.  A dream about being in a jungle and seeing big cats, large vital, big cats. The dreamer’s attention is attracted to one large tiger. Then the dreamer sees men playing and wrestling with the big cats.  After that the cats are reduced to mangy, subdued animals. They are walking on 2 legs, in nappies, in a line.

4.  In the next dream, there is an asterisk with 5 doors. It is difficult to walk into the middle of this asterisk, which is rumoured to have fire and food. The dreamer has to go out again and climb over the top into the middle where the dreamer finds not much food, only fruit, no fire, and only a large pot of dirty water. The dreamer takes some fruit and leaves.

 5.  A dream in which there is mimicry – everyone is sitting down for an ’empty’ teacher presentation, reading from handouts but with no connections.

 Associations: a sense of betrayal of people at work, torn loyalties; people who are catty – where do I fit in? The difficulty of dialogue between people of different persuasions and the impossibility of having a conversation.

 (A man puts his head in to announce he has to work in the kitchen today, so won’t be coming)

 Association: connected with fire and water in the dream that turns out not to have any food – and the kitchen at Tent City that is a source of work, but also a source of conflict because it is a place where rules are set (as we heard on previous days), but food never seems to actually come out of that kitchen, only mugs of tea, boiling in large water containers. “We see gas balloons brought in and food in supermarket containers, but never hot food.”

(A man pops in delivering a newspaper (“The Époque Times”?) pointing us to an article to do with social dreaming which we cannot find.)

(There is a visitation – a man, his friend fromNigeria and her little boy. They look like a family but they emphasise that he works in the area and she is visiting from her home country.  They know each other through their activism work. She is impressed by Tent City and she says that in her home country if people do this they would be shot down (literally) by the government who would send the army. The little boy brings joy to the tent, smiles and curiosity which was absent today. Many people pass by and seem not to be curious to join.)

(Three people stand on the edge of the space talking loudly to each other. One of the conveners invites them in, but they don’t and they move away and keep talking.)

(We are joined by a Tent City resident for the first time today. She starts from being appreciative about our work but then continues crossly about what she terms as our lack of engagement. Some of us hear her telling us to go and wash dishes to understand really what it’s like to be in the tents. An association is made to the difference between the inside and the outside and how difficult it is to be on the inside.)

(Meanwhile outside, people are helping a forlorn person to get out of his tent, to clean it, dust off the mattress and move beddings to a different tent. In that process the now empty tent has no weight to hold it down and it gets blown in the wind that has just strengthened and someone shouts: “Hey guys! A tent is flying away there.”)

(Another regular passer-by moves into the space again with a large piece of material, which she is trying unsuccessfully to hang up as decoration or as a draft-proof. She gives up, folds the material and walks away with it.) 

(Two minutes from the end a man comes and asks for help with packing a sleeping bag into its bag – two of us help.)

Associations are made to ‘packing up the dreams’. We leave feeling a bit told off, disappointing, somewhat forlorn ourselves.

 Facilitators: Fiddy Abraham, Eliat Aram, Aideen Lucey, Monica Velarde, John Wilkes.