Seven people attend the session – five plus two convenors – and present 6 dreams. 

The five are friends of social dreaming who had heard of the social dreaming events at Tent City and are curious.  No Tent City ‘residents’ are present.  The camp was even quieter than on Friday, with signs of those who were around just getting up.  A few tasks were being undertaken.  There had been a rock concert the previous night.  No-one was manning the Information Tent.

The task of social dreaming was explained as transforming the knowledge and thinking embedded in our dreams which are brought to the group, using free association and amplification to make links amongst the dreams and so be available for new thinking.


1.     I am living in a big house and I own an even bigger house next door.  I am very anxious.  I have a deep sense of burden and a feeling I cannot manage the two houses.  I feel overwhelmed.  We are due to have a family event and I know I cannot manage it.  Suddenly there is a knock on the door of the bigger house by would-be gate-crashers who wish to occupy the house.  I am very anxious because they want to take over.  I cannot stop them, though I try.  There is a big intimidating bloke who says he is going to open all the safes.  At first I think there are no safes in the houses, but then I remember there are, but I cannot stop him.  The man opens the safes, but there is nothing in one and in another there is an animal in the house: I am surprised at this.

2.    A dream from last night: I am with a kindly well-meaning man.  He is asking me if I am wise to give £800 to a person – or a cause when I do not know anything about them.  He is gentle, but I feel I am a mug.  It makes me think the worst that could have happened is that I’ve misdirected my resources.  The idea that I have in the dream is tied in with reading the Which? Consumer magazine, thinking I should have perhaps have read the Which? about charities and chosen better.  It is a personal response to a person or cause.  I feel foolish and then I think so what, why can’t I respond personally to need and I decide to stay with that idea.

Associations:  I think of contact with the people on this site.  Both dreams had authority figures and this site is for people rejecting authority, for people who have seen the leaders of society misusing resources.  We are welcomed but ignored.

1.    I come to Tent City to co-convene the SDE but when I get there I realise I’ve come for the 4.00 pm session instead of for 11.00 that morning. One man gets up to tell his dream which is about falling into a hole. This seems to silence the whole group until one person asks ‘Why would anyone fall into a hole?’ I think we are all in a hole, but I can’t find the words to say it.

2.    I dream about a circus amongst the tall buildings of New York, with people walking on wires between the Towers.  There are people coming in and out of the iron grids in the sidewalks and streets below and there is steam coming up through the grids.   The people walking between the Towers are avoiding coming down to the street.

Associations: I am thinking of my walk here from the station, noting how much construction is going on in this area and the all the tall buildings around for people to work in.  Are people in the tall buildings noticing life on the ground and street level?  There is an idea that height is a precarious place to be.  What about foundations? Strong foundations are needed.  There is a link to the creature (animal) in the first dream about people coming into Tent City and getting stuck in a hole.   Link to: ‘when in a hole, stop digging’.  Link to: the launch yesterday by NASA – mission to Mars to parachute a car-like vehicle to look for life, but a suggestion that this would eventually lead to colonisation.  In Tent City, who is colonising who?  Are we colonising the event space?  How long can this movement sustain itself?  There is a link to the capitalist way of thinking and that in capitalism you have to be useful and have a purpose.  Capitalism, it is said, is about making money and consuming.  People say they are making connections here with other people that they had never found before.

The group slips in and out of the ‘dreaming task’ and expresses concern about our purpose for us being here.  What is our connection to the people in Tent City?  Someone associates to the male gate-crashers in the first two dreams and the sense of fear.  Do the inhabitants of Tent City arouse fear?  Aren’t we here to do thinking; or are we here to release the ‘animal’? (as in the first dream).  A link is made to capitalism and greed, which has got labelled as ‘animal greed’.  But what has got lost instead?  In Tent City there is something basic, alive and animal.

1.    A male friend is in a flimsy cage hanging over the edge of a precipice.  He does a handstand in the cage which he manages OK, but when he moves to come out of the cage and return to solid ground his movement destabilises the cage and he falls to his death in the valley below. (The dreamer watched the event on TV and felt devastated and helpless.)

Associations A memory of the film of the man who walks on a wire between the Twin Towers in New York:  a suggestion that balance is very precious.  Someone who has seen the film says the music in the film is from the Peter Greenaway film ‘The Draughtsman’s Contract’.  The Draughtsman thinks he has a contract to sketch the buildings and land of the Lord of the Manor, and is unaware that there is a covert contract to sire an heir for the Lord with his Lady.

Associations: Are we here in Tent City as observers, watching the life go on in Tent City?  What is our contract?   A suggestion is made that we are an alternative space within an alternative space.

1.    Trying to work with people and getting into an argument about what the dreamer is supposed to be doing.

Association: A comment is made about the ages of the facilitators and the contrast with the relative youth of the people around the tents this morning.  The Facilitators feel like outsiders and they refer to the contrast of being inside a tent whilst the life of Tent City is going on all around.  The idea of ‘the alternative space within an alternative space’ is still buzzing round.  There is a sense of moving between liveliness and despondency.

Facilitators: Helen Morgan and John Wilkes   27 November 2011