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The night before the SDE my son, with whom I was staying, dreamed that he found me in a cold place huddled in bits of towel and inadequate covering. He was unable to find anything to keep me warm and was distressed.

We associated it with going to Tent City that morning.

I noted I had a bad feeling about going.

I arrive at the tent to find a huge sleeping man covered in black leather and surrounded by baggage. There is also a man who describes himself a rough sleeper, which he has been for 18 years though he appears quite well dressed. He did not join the SDE. Another man is huddled at the entrance smoking. He ignores any invitation to join.

Some of the people who have been regularly, those who seem to be organisers, are off to a meeting at UBS.

A young man is showing his parents round and another man is taking photos. Everyone says they are doing something else or are just not attending.

One man stays and tells something of his story. He later remembers a dream he had aged 5.  As a child he lived in a house with a garden that backed onto other gardens.  In the dream his garden backs onto the sea separated by a low fence. The dreamer reports that he is both watching from the house and on the sea side of the fence. He notes the tide is coming in and with it a bear that begins chasing him. Although the fence is low he cannot get over it. The bear does not catch him.  In adult life he had a real encounter with a bear while in Canada. He was camping with a group when a bear was seen around the food tent. It was enormous even though it was only a baby bear.Humorous associations were made to ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’ and then other associations to bears, things that are hard to bear and bare, as in something exposed. The SDE tent is next to the food tent on the camp and later associations include something about possibly baring away things that are needed or wanted as the bear was raiding the food tent. People in the camp pass the SDE tent on the way to and from the food tent.

Is this also a reference to ‘a bear market’ where betting is on a depressed, pessimistic market, betting on things getting worse?

It also feels rather bare in here and I wonder if the absence of participants is signalling the ending of interest in Social Dreaming.


Jacqueline Sirota