Social Dreaming Event

6th December 2011 5pm-6pm #26

2 facilitators

4 participants coming and going, one stays throughout

2 dreams

At first it is unclear if we can run the event in the usual location as a new tent is being erected. It is ready enough to use by the start time and we are invited in as the people erecting the tent put the finishing touches on it. It is dark in the tent but there is some light from the illuminated building across the square.


1.            About wild animals in an enclosure.

Associations: to recent TV reports about pandas arriving to the UK from China and whether they were constrained in their enclosures. This leads to a discussion about space and the spaces at the two Occupy protest sites. A comment is made that there is a fear that if St Paul’s closes people will loose their identity, but the speaker feels that identity is not attached to specific spaces.

2.            Rows of buildings with no significance.

Associations:  People think that they will drift off if they haven’t got a building. A connection to the first dream is made that Pandas use only what they need, that there is abundance everywhere but that we fear there will not be enough. There is benefit to having a house and car, but people become too dependent on them.

A participant says that the Occupy protest is a dream and that the protesters are transforming a dream into reality. His dream is for honesty, equality and freedom. This is taken as a reference to what the Occupy protesters are standing for. Lines from an Edgar Allen Poe poem are quoted and Carlos Castenades is mentioned.

Some concern is expressed about the presence of the social dreaming facilitators – are we psychologists? Are the protestors being ‘manipulated by the illuminati’ Concern is expressed about notes being taken and what would be disclosed about the protestors. One man urges another not to disclose things, but the other man does not have concerns about disclosure and talks freely.

Towards the end a man who has not been present previously arrives and comments on the cold and gets a sleeping bag for the facilitators to sit on.   

Facilitators: Aideen Lucey and Frances Abraham