12th December #29

Facilitators stand around for half an hour but do not manage to recruit anyone. Arrive at an empty, cold and dark tent and stand there for a bit before deciding to ask around if people want to join the social dreaming.

The is a group of men talking in Hungarian, smoking, and eventually they take their rucksacks and go off leaving two of them there. We go around the corner to where the armchairs are on a platform and see two men and one young woman and we call out asking they are coming to social dreaming. One young man repeats our question to the other two, because the woman says she did not hear us, and the man shakes his head. This man says to us that these two are not into social dreaming today so our impression is that they are engaged in a conversation of their own which relates in some way to the book they have on the table, which is pilgrim’s progress’ by John Bunyan. The man talks about another book by Thomas Hardy and then he talks about Keats who died in his 20s.

The facilitators decide to leave them because of intruding into their space.  They approach the two Hungarian men, one of whom does not understand English and the other one says he does not dream and has no interest in dreams, all he cares about is drinking and smoking, and fxxx this and fxxx the other, so we leave him.

We wait another 5 minutes or so and decide to call it a day.  We speak to Ben for a few minutes, looking for the schedule, but Ben says there isn’t a schedule any more, in fact, he says, we are the only thing happening at Tent City now, everything else is happening either in the Bank of Ideas or in St Paul’s. He is sorry that no one came tonight.

As we leave, though, we see quite a lot of activity happening behind the closed ‘doors’ of the Tent City University tent itself, and there is an advertisement for a “mumble meeting “ which is to take place on Wednesday.

Our thoughts coming up the road are that:

  • On Mondays we get ‘punished’ for not having been at the weekend, although that’s perhaps not entirely accurate as Jacqueline came last week
  • That they are disengaging from us in that they are having their activities run in non-public places that we feel are not right for us to attend
  • Last week there were no dreams offered for discussion but that we were in a dream-like world, but tonight the site feels that things that are ‘happening’ are happening somewhere else and that leads us to wonder what role the FS site is taking up on behalf of Occupy
  • At the same time, there is a certain buzz in the place as well, some men are talking, moving about, some passers-by and some visitors are hanging around


Facilitators: Eliat Aram and Jean Reed